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Rirella Editrice - rirella.editrice@gmail.com
Rirella Editrice - rirella.editrice@gmail.com
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Historic website of Marina De Franceschini – one of the leading experts on Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli – since 2005 it has been a point of reference for scholars and archeology lovers, in Italian and English.

Today it is even more so in a new expanded and updated version, compatible with all screens and devices: computers, tablets and smartphones.

Discover the secrets of Hadrian's Villa with new chapters: history, architecture, state of the art and research, with a vast updated bibliography. Other chapters are dedicated to the interpretation of the Villa and the Imperial Residence.

As big as Pompeii, the Villa is divided into different areas: Greek Theater, Piazza d'Oro (Golden Square), Imperial Palace, Imperial Residence, Praetorium, Canopus and Accademia to which are added the Subterranean service tunnels that nobody knows of.
Each building has a new catalogue entry with history, description, maps, floor plans, photo gallery, plastic models and 3D reconstructions.

With our website virtual visits are also available: buildings closed to the public or still in private ownership, such as the Inferi (Underworld) or the Accademia.

Finally there are the new studies of Marina De Franceschini: the Accadema Project and a section dedicated to Roman Cultural Archaeoastronomy, with the extraordinary magic illuminations at Villa Adriana and other buildings such as the Pantheon, the Domus Aurea and Castel Sant'Angelo.

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